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Feb 04

4 New Plugins for Social Reward Widget!

Posted by Shahriyar M Jahangir in tweet plugin , social reward widget , share plugin , send plugin , News , linkedin plugin , like plugin

We have just released 4  new social plugins for our Social Reward Widget.  All the plugins can be installed using the Social Reward plugin installed.  We now have a total of 6 plugins for the Social Reward Widget, giving you a much wider range of social votes that you can get to your website.

Available Plugins for Cerontek Social Reward Widget -

  • Facebook Like Reward Plugin
  • Google +1 Reward Plugin
  • Facebook Share Reward Plugin (New)
  • Facebook Send Reward Plugin (New)
  • Tweet Reward Plugin (New)
  • LinkedIn Reward Plugin (New)

Social Reward Widgets Dashboard (Admin)

Social Reward Widgets in Action!

We are currently running a Mega Discount on our Club Membership for a limited time and you also have the option to get each widget separately.  Subscribe to our Club now and lock your discounted price for life.

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Live Demo:

Any questions or suggestions? Just  leave us a message and we will get back to you.

Jan 15

Cerontek Joomla Marketing Club Launched!

Posted by Shahriyar M Jahangir in News

We have recently launched our Joomla Marketing Club. This club is for any serious internet marketer (IM) or anyone who wants to promote his/her to the fullest. The extensions in this club will mainly focus on viral promotion,  i.e.  more traffic & online presence, boosting your search engine rankings etc.

Currently we have added the Social Reward Widgets Component with 2 Supported Plugins to the club.

  • Social Reward Widgets (Core Component + Core Plugins)
  • Like Reward Plugin (includes Social Reward Widgets Core extensions)
  • Google +1 Reward Plugin (includes Social Reward Widgets Core extensions)

If you are familiar with "Facebook Like Gate", it will be very easy for you to understand how Social Reward Widgets work. The idea is simple, the extension locks some valuable content HIDDEN under a cover (in a Joomla article). The cover has some "call to action" text and a social voting button (e.g. Facebook Like, Google +1 etc.). The visitor is asked to Click the Like or +1 button to UNLOCK the content. When user clicks the button the content is unlocked with a cool animation.

The visitor gets a valuable content (e.g. ebook, Video,  Download link,  access to VIP subscription etc.) and YOU get a social vote towards your site. At the same time your site is spread to the visitor's friend's Facebook/Google+ news feed as well (viral trigger).

Like Reward Widget (Locked)


Like Reward Widget (Unlocked)


More plugins for the Social Reward Widgets extension will be added to the club as we move on. We are currently running launch discount for a limited time and you also have the option to get each widget separately or subscribe to our Joomla Marketing Club.  

Supports: Joomla 3.x, 2.5, 1.7, 1.6 & 1.5.x

Live Demo:

Join Our Club:

If you have any questions regarding our marketing extensions feel free to email us.

Jan 05

Connect with your Customers using the "Add a Friend" Module

Posted by Shahriyar M Jahangir in News

We have recently added the "Add a Friend" module to our Joomla Facebook Club. And we have received a lot of inquiries regarding the functionality of the extension. The module is very simple yet quite powerful if you use it wisely.

It basically displays a "Add a Friend" button which allow your users to send you a friend request via Facebook. For example, if you are running a blog or a business website a lot of people knows you and/or emails you frequently. By adding this button on your website you can offer them to engage with you via Facebook.  You can add these people to a separate list (e.g. business) and then engage with them socially and also market to them at the same time.


Social media marketing is on the rise ever since and it's always better to get an extra leverage. The module won't send the request twice even if someone tries to. You also have the option to display/hide your Facebook profile picture and name.

View our Live Demo of the "add a friend" module here.
If you have any questions regarding the "Add a Friend" module just leave us a message.

Jan 03

Joomla 3.x Live Demo Site for Joomla Facebook Club

Posted by Shahriyar M Jahangir in News

All extensions in our Joomla Facebook Club now supports Joomla 3.x.  i.e. Supported versions - 1.5.x, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 and 3.x. With the addition of Joomla 3 support we have setup a Live Demo site for Joomla 3.x.  And like in all our Demo sites, this site also have all our Joomla Facebook extensions installed. Plus you have admin access to check & test-out all our Component, Modules & Plugins.

If you have any inquiry regarding our extensions feel free to leave us a message.

Facebook for Joomla

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