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Facebook Widgets Documentation

Installation Guide

Note: All extensions can be installed using the Joomla extension installer.

  • First, Install the It installs the FBWidgets Core Component and also automatically installs the Cerontek Facebook Init Plugin and enables it.
  • In the Component Admin (Components -> Cerontek FBWidgets), set your Facebook Application ID and Application Secret.
  • Done. Now you can install and use any FBwidget Modules/Plugins on your website.

Support Questions & Suggestions

  • Where is my Facebook API Key?
    Facebook apps no longer requires a API Key. You can leave the field empty in the FBWidgets configuration.
  • Did I disable "other Facebook extensions"?
    When using Cerontek FBWidgets you must disable any other Facebook plugins. This is the most common reason of conflicts.
  • Did I set the correct Domain and URL in my Facebook App Profile?
    In order for modules such as the Facebook Login to work properly make sure you have set the correct Site URL & Site Domain (under Basic Settings).
    You can access your Facebook App Profiles here
  • Why is my Bookmark button showing error?
    Please check if you have set the correct Bookmark URL (e.g. your site Home URL) in your Facebook App Profile settings (under Advanced settings)
    You can access your Facebook App Profiles here
  • Why my Facebook Widgets (one or multiple) suddenly stopped working today, everything was fine last night?
    Facebook is continuously developing their system and this changes sometimes cause temporary problem and some widgets may experience error or appear broke. It is not possible to assume the time required for Facebook to repair these errors, however the problems usually goes away within 48-72 hours. So, please wait a while in this case before opening a support ticket.
  • Did I set the correct App ID and App Secret in my FBWidgets settings?
    Always double check if you have copied the correct App ID and App Secret from your Facebook App Profile.
    It often happens that people with multiple apps have copied credentials of another app accidentally.
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